I have been a contributor to French Wikipedia since 2009, mostly on topics related to languages and linguistics. For instance, I wrote the section Recherches empiriques sur l'hypothèse Sapir-Whorf (Empirical research on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis) and most of the section Motivations psycholinguistiques pour l'utilisation du langage épicène (Psycholinguistic motivations for gender-neutral language) .

I am teaching a class where the students and I improve the content of language-related articles in the French version of Wikipedia.

Summary of the Spring 2020 class:

Language Myths: A course in fact-checking (Spring 2020)

Summary of the Spring 2021 class:

Language Myths: A course in fact-checking (Spring 2021)

Swiss high schools

I am a scientific mediator at l'Eprouvette at the University of Lausanne. With my colleague Laura Delaloye Saillen, we propose a workshop to Swiss high schools where we introduce students to the scientific method in social sciences. The goal is to help students become more informed readers/consumers of media productions.


My outreach activities have been reported on in the press: