I have been a contributor to French Wikipedia since 2009, mostly on topics related to languages and linguistics. For instance, I wrote the section Recherches empiriques sur l'hypothèse Sapir-Whorf (Empirical research on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis) and most of the section Arguments psycholinguistiques autour du langage épicène (Psycholinguistic motivations for gender-neutral language) .

Since 2019, I have been teaching a class where the students and I improve the content of language-related articles in the French version of Wikipedia. So far, we have had a total of 53 contributors, 66 articles edited or created, and 4.4 million views (more stats available on the program webpage).

My outreach activities on Wikipedia have been reported on in the press:


Swiss high schools

In 2021-2022, I was a scientific mediator at l'Eprouvette at the University of Lausanne. With my colleague Laura Delaloye Saillen, we proposed a workshop to Swiss high schools where we introduced students to the scientific method in social sciences. The goal was to help students become more informed readers/consumers of media productions.